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Discover The Secrets The French Hold That Enables them to Eat Whatever They Want…
And Still Stay Skinny, Healthy and Looking Great!


If You’ve Struggled Maintaining a Diet and Losing Weight…

If You Yo-Yo Between Diets, All of them Failing…

If You are Sick of Counting Calories, Or Doing Math to Stick to a Diet…


Then Pay Attention, This Could Change Your Life!


Order VIP PassAdrienne Hew here and I’ve been a nutritionist for over 14 years. After receiving a certificate in Chinese dietetics in 2002 and my degree as a Certified Nutritionist in 2004, I have helped many clients and workshop attendees to decode their own health dilemmas by understanding the inconsistencies in conventional nutritional dogma. As a cook, my recipes have been popular with everyone from celebrated chefs to picky 4 year olds and adults who “don’t eat that”.

What I’m about to share with you today could change your life – I’m about to unlock the secrets the French know that keep them healthy, happy and looking great…all without expensive gym memberships or fancy fad diets.

Are You Struggling To Stick to Your Diet?


We do everything wrong it seems.

We try a diet for a week…and fall off the wagon. Or, if we are successful, we eventually fall back into old habits, yo-yoing with our weight.

It’s a struggle to stick with your diet and for good reason.

It’s not supposed to be like that!

And it’s so frustrating to not see any results or see the results disappear after so long.

It’s discouraging and makes you just want to give up.


Are You Tired of Counting Calories, Doing Math, Avoiding Food Groups or “Doing Everything in Moderation”?


Hell, I know I was.

Let’s face it – eating shouldn’t be difficult and yet we make it extremely so. These fancy diets all want us to either become physicists or achieve some sort of philosophical nirvana by somehow limiting what we do.

And that’s damn near impossible in our modern society, with food choices everywhere!


Are You Sick of Carrying that Extra 20 Pounds…
While Busting Butt At The Gym and Seeing No Results?


I know I was.

It’s disheartening, really. You spend money at the gym, money for fancy diet foods, attempt to moderate yourself and still without success.

And yet, I stumbled upon something the French are doing that seems to keep them happy, healthy and in shape.

We will cover that in a second…but what they are doing is a miracle. All without fighting our bodies!

If You Struggle With Health Concerns, Losing Weight or Staying Fit…
Then Perhaps the French Could Teach Us a Lesson.


The French seem to defy all nutritional science.


  • Eat whatever they want.
  • Don’t bother with gym memberships
  • Stay healthy and fit without effort, it seems.

But we all know that’s bull, right? Surely they have to be doing something.

It can’t be just good genes, can it?


No, The French Have an “Open Secret” – One I’ve Stumbled Upon That Enabled Me To Lose Weight and Help Put an End to Health Problems…


But then it all changed. One day, totally by accident, I happened upon the healing power of the foods that I was always told would kill me and things were never the same. Suddenly, I could lose weight and take charge of my health easier than ever before.

Now, I happened to get lucky, but supposedly “bad” foods really did solve my weight and health issues.

And the best part is, it also works for the people I have taught how to improve their diet, too.

In fact, other conventional and holistic doctors and nutritionists are finding out the same thing:

* The body cannot function optimally without adequate nutrients

Don't just take my word for it... All the major experts are saying the same thing…we aren’t getting the adequate nutrients like the French are!

Introducing the Frenching Your Foods Telesummit!

Starting Live, On April 16 at 9am EST / 6am PST


I’m now launching the Frenching Your Food Telesummit, the online event that will give you the power to take control of your health AND your weight like never before.

Finally, you can harness the power of sound nutrition without the overwhelm, judgement, shame and neurotic thought patterns perpetuated by conventional weight loss gimmicks!

Named after my bestselling Amazon book, Frenching Your Food, this Telesummit brings together 15 experts in the fields of health, nutrition and biochemistry to functional medicine.

They will show you how you can get off the diet treadmill by uncovering the half-truths and total lies you’ve been told about your diet failures.


I’ve Gathered 15 Experts, Doctors and Nutritionists Who Will Expose the Core Secrets the French Know to Keeping Skinny, Healthy and Happy…

All Without Expensive Diets, Going to The Gym
or Limiting What You Eat!


These experts will cover all the details you need to know that will change your life forever.

Enabling you to quickly lose weight and take control of your health!

You can eat what you want, enjoying your food without the hassles of counting calories or following some crazy plan.

You’ll discover why this all works – which is important – understanding how your body works, finally giving you the insights to make the changes you need!


Not Just Weight Loss...Using The Secrets of the French,
I’ve Also Reduced or Eliminated These Health Issues:


  • Debilitating Fatigue
  • Seasonal Allergies And Eczema
  • Cracked And Bleeding Skin On My Face
  • Acne
  • Migraines And Dizziness
  • And Metabolic Issues That Prevented Me From Properly Digesting My Food

With Frenching Your Food, you can help reduce or eliminate many of the common health problems people experience every day and sometimes even think they are normal!

No, it’s not a “miracle cure” and I don’t want you to think otherwise. This won’t cure cancer or suddenly make you immune to disease.

But it will help you become healthier – which means other, more major illnesses will become more tolerable or better managed.

Inside You’ll Discover:


  • Why the French Stay Skinny, While Eating Whatever They Want
  • How You Can Skip the Treadmill and Hit The Kitchen, Enjoying Loads of Food You Didn’t Think You Could
  • Why You Can Eat “Bad Stuff” And Still Lose Weight!
  • Why You Never Need to Count Calories, Fat Grams or Do Fancy Math Ever Again
  • How to Stop Yo-Yoing With Your Weight and Diets
  • How to Lose Weight Quickly
  • And More!

The Event Is FREE To Attend LIVE! However…if You Can’t Attend All The Sessions, or If You Want To Watch them All Later, I Have Something Special For You.


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Join Frenching Your Food Telesummit Now For Only $97

This Works for Everyone – Not Just “The Experts”

"What I love best about this is that there is not a single thing that I have eliminated… I did not change the way I ate. If anything, it changed the way I felt about how I was eating. Not vilifying my food anymore… Not looking at the butter on my plate and feeling tremendous guilt about it. And honestly, actually feeling like it’s a good component on my plate and giving me some benefit."

Gina P.

lost 15 lbs in 2 months with Frenching Your Food

"Just had wild mushroom soup for dinner. I'm really an amazing cook! Oh, and I'm down 20lbs!…People have been telling me that my skin looks better and I can really see it myself now (face). I always took in everything you said, just didn't have the faith in myself to do it, so the pain [from fibromyalgia] had to force me. I keep telling everyone that this is the best choice I've probably ever made in my life!"

Robyn C.

(one month after changing her diet from microwave ramen noodles)

"…it was really informative and all made so much sense on an intuitive level"

Samia G.

Psychologist, Mother

"My big change started when I made a first step to change my diet after I got the information from you… That was the trigger point for me, so personally I started with consuming more real foods and avoiding the processed foods. I saw the improvement in a lot of areas and I liked it and continued to go down that path; let's see what else we can do to improve."

Nikola Popović

audio editor, The Nutrition Heretic Podcast

"My skin looks great! And I’m feeling so much better since I’ve incorporated your nutritional advice into my life."

Michelle F.

Epic Acuity

"My daughter’s love affair with raw vegetables led to a half a pound weight gain between her second and third year doctor’s visits. At that third year well-child visit it was discovered that she was suffering from anemia. She had dark purple circles under her eyes, extremely poor sleep, sluggish, and was cranky more than pleasant. Every visit to the doctor I would explain that I was unhappy with my daughter’s eating habits and at every visit the doctor’s said the same thing, “Oh, don’t worry about it, they all eat eventually.” Then they gave me a prescription for an iron supplement.

A few weeks later I met Adrienne Hew. After a deep discussion about what my daughter would eat versus what she wouldn’t, Adrienne quickly identified critical areas for improvement. She had me make a few simple changes in how I prepared meals and the results were immediate. After one month my daughter gained one pound. By three months she had gained three pounds and her anemia was gone. She was no longer tired and cranky but vibrant and full of energy, the way a three year old should be.

With out Adrienne and her expert knowledge of nutrition, I would have never made any changes to my daughter’s diet. She alone has had such a positive impact on my family’s life that words cannot express my gratitude."

M. B.


"When Adrienne first taught me about which foods are right and wrong and most importantly why, it left my head spinning.  Her way flies in the face of convention — which is probably why it works. My PMS was so bad — the cramping, the bloating, and the mood swings appeared like clockwork every month. Relief came only when I was pregnant with my daughter. Following Adrienne’s regimen, I saw results in two months. My PMS symptoms were gone  — so much so, that I was sure that I was pregnant again (I wasn’t).  Thanks Adrienne!"

Aimee E.

Engineer, Mom

"In the years that I have been getting nutritional advice from Adrienne Hew, my body has undergone some dramatic changes. First, the chronic acne I had since the age of 12 has been gone for over 3 years. (I am now 35.) In fact, my skin has never looked better and I am often mistaken for a woman in her 20′s because I don’t have any wrinkles, which with my fair Irish complexion is miraculous! I am profoundly happier, more energetic and healthier than I have ever been, including during my teens. I am off of prescription depression medications for over five years because I simply do not need them anymore. Adrienne truly has a passion for health and it shows in the knowledge she possesses and the effects her counseling is having on so many people."

Kris F.

EFT Practitioner

"Adrienne blends science-based facts with generations-old wisdom to provide families a strategy for long-lasting health."

Anne B.

Buzz Nutrition

The Event Is FREE To Attend LIVE! However…if You Can’t Attend All The Sessions, or If You Want To Watch them All Later, I Have Something Special For You.


…For A Limited Time, Join The Summit For a Low Price of $97 and Grab All These Bonuses, Free!

Join Frenching Your Food Telesummit Now For Only $97

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